Vital statistics
Name Seth Anderson
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Hometown Georgestown, Pennsylvania
Role Tech Expert and Marksman
Status Active
Affiliation ex-Green Beret, Rainbow

Captain Seth Anderson was a former Green Beret and an active Rainbow operative. He specializes in long range combat and computer systems. He was born an only child in Georgestown, Pennsylvania and became one of the most technologically educated football players in his university. He then moved out to Fort Bragg, California after University and stayed there for a year before entering the Army. After a five years he went into the Green Berets. He stayed in his special forces team until he was invited to Rainbow.

Early LifeEdit

Born in Georgestown, Pennsylvania, in the United States, Seth grew up to a half-french family, his father from Quebec, Canada, his mother from Georgestown. Seth's grandfather had been born in France, and moved to Quebec when his father was born. He wasn't the smartest kid in school, though he was one of them. Not as fit as the others, though. He tended to always have his face in a book, though he had a great sense of humor, most of the kids, if not all, in his school, found him very funny.

In Junior High, he was inspired to join the military.

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