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Kilo Team was a team of operatives in Rainbow. It consisted of three members who sepcialized in a multitude of proficiencies. The operatives were fluent in at least three languages each. Kilo Team used ACU camo as their main camoflauge and had requisitioned weapons for the soldiers. Their callsigns are of bears.

Members Edit

Amanda McKenzie "Atlas" Edit

  • Sex: Female
  • Role: Lead
  • Nationality: UK
  • Former: ex-SAS

Amanda was a former SAS operative who specialized in stealth warfare. She has lots of experience in hostage situations and bomb defusal so she took the job at Rainbow without hesitation. Although she is the leader of one of the many teams in Rainbow, she is also one of the newest members. However, her dossier showed that she was an extremely skilled leader, and this was proved on the field more than once.

Anton Krauss "Kodiak" Edit

  • Sex: Male
  • Role: Support Gunner and Demolitions Expert
  • Nationality: German
  • Former: ex-GSG9, ex-KSK

Anton is one of the few members with experience in both Counter-Terrorism as well as regualr Military operations. He is highly valued by Rainbow due to his knowledge in explosives and overall experience in warfare. He was offered a job as deputy director, but turned it down. He was a former GSG9 operative, the German equivalent of (if not more skilled than)SWAT, as well as the KSK He specializes in explosives (as stated above) and is a very proficient support gunner.

Seth Anderson "Polar" Edit


Seth was a star football player in his university but he was also extremely talented in computers. He excelled in qualifications for special forces so he was a prime choice for Rainbow. As a former Green Beret, he was required to be bilingual and could operate a multitude of equipment.

Benjamin Wellington "Grizzly" Edit

Natalie Sanders "Sun" Edit

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